Weak and Tired

My child has been forced to wear the mask in common areas and during gym class. I was able to get my child to not wear the mask during gym class and just wear the face shield but even at that, the school administration is asking for a doctor’s note. I told my child not to wear it during gym class no matter what since they cannot force it. My child has breathing issues and a cyst near a breathing pathway and is seeing an ears, nose and throat specialist. I would also like to mention that I bought a very thin breathable mask from Etsy just to beat the system. Poor kids are the ones suffering the most during this “pandemic”. I’m so ready to take my child out of school and start home schooling.

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Sarah Hunter
Sarah Hunter
11 months ago

So do they allow kids to wear the clear plastic face shields instead? It seems like they would better air exchange and also it’s better if they can see eachother’s expressions!!