6yr old twins now anxious and dizzy with masks-School “policy” abusing children

We have been observing some distressingly negative mental and physical health effects emerging with our 6yr old twins, who have always had a clean bill of health prior to covid measures. Now they are forced to wear masks non stop during school, indoors and OUTDOORS!! We received a medical exemption and it was rejected by the school, even when we provided recent research proving the negative effects of mask wearing especially in children (who also are not the issue in terms of transmission)! We are now seeing signs of anxiety build, stress and depression/feeling very down, shortness of breath and dizziness, and even reduced ability to focus (and this is at school!). The system is clearly not focused on public health. It’s only focused on controls and gauging how much we will all accept before the tipping point. Our future/children are suffering greatly and it’s 100% due to government and public health measures like masking.

6 year olds

Ottawa Ontario
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