Forced to have PCR test for drippy nose

I am a 72 year old grandmother raising 4 grandchildren that were temporarily taken out of the custody of a meth addict, physically abusive daughter. DSS is on the case which means I “have to do what “they” say” or I risk the children being taken and put in the foster system. Two of the grandchildren are twins. They have runny noses from wearing a mask all day, everyday. The teacher called me to go pick them up early from school. Drop everything and come get the kids and bring them to the doctor to get PCR tests or they won’t be allowed back at school. PCR swabs are known to have nano particle filaments which cause Morgellon’s disease. I am complying with every request and threat to prevent the boys being taken from my temporary custody (the case for full custody is still in the legal realm which has been delayed infinitely due to the fake covid pandemic). I am doing my best to protect the boys from DSS taking them away and putting them into the broken child-trafficking foster system yes they are being forced into the transhumanism agenda against my will and ability to do anything. My hands are tied and at 72 years old my life is at risk as well as this whole ordeal is persistently breaking down my health. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t and those satanists basically have full control over the lives of 5 people. And SC law supports these nefarious actions and unconstitutional behaviors.

Swansea, SC
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