Headaches and foggy thinking, increased respiratory rate, increased acne in teenager-School NO EXCEPTIONS

My student experienced an exacerbation of headaches that had been controlled naturally after beginning to wear a mask occasionally over the summer even just after 15 minutes. We followed all the procedures required to get an accommodation from her school and were denied repeatedly. We had her doctor complete a form with recommendations. We approached the Dept of Health who said that they had not heard of headaches as a problem but acknowledged her doctors opinion and came up with appropriate ways that my daughter could still attend school using physical distancing strategies that would fulfill their recommended guidance. We even spoke to her individual teachers and all but 2 of them thought they could easily accommodate her. The school still denied any accommodation except to offer her remote learning and finally admitted that they were not giving any accommodations to any students in the entire school for any reason.
She ended up having headaches that would last for hours after coming home from school. She has always been an exceptional student, but this year she has missed getting assignments in on time occasionally that is linked to her foggy thinking by the end of the school day.

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