Students in my classroom were suffering

I was teaching anatomy and physiology for CTE high school at a campus that was open since August here in AZ. We were told to make students wear masks no matter what. We had rules that they could only work in groups of 4 or less for 15 minute increments. The water fountains were covered with caution tape and only one student is allowed in the bathroom at a time. Our classes run for 2.5 hours to 5 hours in a given time frame because we’re training students to work in the medical field. I refused to push the cloth masks because I’d worked in healthcare previously and I knew this was not good. I refused to wear the cloth mask and wore a face shield instead. I preferred that anyways so that my students knew I would not restrict their breathing and I also know the importance of facial expressions/mirror neurons. I had multiple students struggling with anxiety due to the masks. They kept getting sick because they touched the cloth so much. Many of them caught Covid and then I had one catch bacterial pneumonia, she was unable to heal properly and had to quit our program because she couldn’t breathe properly with the masks. I had another faint in class after wearing the mask on the bus in the heat and then coming into the building she collapsed in my class. Luckily I worked in health care for 11 years prior to teaching so I knew how to care for students in these situations. There are also students that are so afraid to take the mask off at all…during student ID photos, one student had a full blown crying attack because she didn’t want to, “kill anyone”. So she took a picture with her mask on. I left in December because I couldn’t agree with what we were teaching and promoting to the students. The administration wouldn’t listen to my research on masks, cross contamination, bacterial pneumonia, and other information I was finding. They were following directly along with our governors orders while also creating ridiculous measures that made students feel isolated and frustrated. They were so caught up with covid measures they didn’t care about the students academics, mental health, and physical health. I couldn’t agree with it and I left my position.

Mesa, AZ
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5 days ago

Is there any way you would be able to link your research to this? I would love to have it to use in my own school district.