Teenage Girl Working at Mc’Ds Collapses

I was in a local McDonalds placing an order when I noticed the teenage (15-17) girl appeared sweaty and sort of dazed. She swayed a little and I asked her if she was feeling alright. She blacked out and head fell forward, face bouncing off the order screen. I quickly reached over the counter, grabbed the girl under the arms and held her up while I yelled for employees on the same side of the counter to help me. The manager just stood there. I shouted for the two teenage boys working the window to come help get her to the floor so she wouldn’t fall. The manager comes over says she’s fine and just needs a drink of water. I stand there arguing with manager stating she is not fine and needs to sit and rest for at least 15-30 minutes without a mask on. They walk the girl to the back of the kitchen where they hand her a cup of water and she remains standing. Another girl of similar age comes up to finish taking my order and tells me that the same thing happened just a day or two prior. She stated that because they are under 18 they are scheduled for 4 hour shifts only and are not given breaks. She also stated that she had actually fallen onto the floor and yet her parents were never notified other than her telling them. I spoke with a different manager (who wasn’t even wearing a mask due to “health concerns” and she assured me that she would be handling this situation. I didn’t believe her. I called McDonalds corporate office to file a complaint and was told that because the situation didn’t happen to me or my child, they could not take the complaint or any statement from me…
Our children are being abused in the name of politics and most parents are letting them. We need to stand up to this!

Toledo, Ohio
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