Let her breathe !!!!

My daughter is forced to wear a mask all the time at school;  from 9am to 3h45 pm, including in gym class and in their 15min playtime outside! She has headaches, nausea, fatigue, face rash …picked her up after school the other day , her face was red like red wine , she told me they played a game inside the gym, had to run for the ball for 55min with the mask on. She said she almost passed out !!!! I called school and schoolboard , email both ( and not just one time ) and no response at all. I am completly ignored by them !!! This nightmare must stop NOW !!!! Plus her hands are cracked and so dry from the purell they are forced to put like 50 times per day !

11 year old – Female

Vankleek Hill Ontario
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10 months ago

Why, oh why does a parent allow this type of abuse of their child? I’m not picking on this poster, but we all have to say NO to this torture by not complying, whatever that loooks like.

Meredith Young
Meredith Young
10 months ago

I am a teacher trying to fight this and got my job threatened.