Mask Rash

My 12 year old daughter has to wear a mask all day at school unless she is sitting at her desk. This order came in a couple of weeks ago, and two days after the rash started. My daughter has sensitive skin and struggles with eczema already. Forcing our children to wear masks is appalling and has not been proven to be effective, this needs to stop now. Squamish, BC.

12 Year old – Female

Squamish, BC
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10 months ago

My 6 year old is finally being allowed to begin full day kindergarten tomorrow. That should be exciting only he is forced to wear a mask all day long. The kids must wear them on the playground during recess and they are not allowed to use the play equipment. They must socially distance from each at lunch, which is the ONLY time a mask can be removed. I feel lost at where to go from here. Sending him tomorrow makes me sick.

Meredith Young
Meredith Young
10 months ago
Reply to  Kristina

It’s soo sad. Child Abuse. I am praying for you.

Meredith Young
Meredith Young
10 months ago

At least she can take it off when she is seating. Here in Massachusetts, it has to be on all day. Child abuse.