Teacher – Reprimanded over and over again about not wearing the mask properly

I am currently a HS teaching in Massachusetts. I believe that my right to oxygen is my God given right and the students rights too. I have been told over and over again by administration and even had my job threatened if I don’t comply.
I used to have asthma and my symptoms are coming back since wearing a mask everyday. I have headaches every night after work and since I am required to zoom with the kids at home everyday; the glasses (that protect me from the blue light) get fogged up when I put the mask on. My students can’t see my lips when I am talking to them. I will often pull the mask down to show them my lips (when I am at least 6 ft away from any student). I have also heard that you are 35% more likely to get Throat cancer by wearing masks over a long period of time. The is child abuse and it hurts me to require these students to wear them all day long.
This is extremely hard for me. Please pray.

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Sean Brooks
10 months ago

Send this book link to your administrators. Your administrators are tyrants and child abusers.