Help save the children

Luckily I homeschool, BUT all my children work and have to wear masks in the communist state of Pennsylvania. They all are having horrible headaches, my oldest is severely depressed especially we he tries to wear it below his nose and if a customer sees it like that they go and put it in the companies facebook which is only making it worse for him. My other son 15 is getting severe acne. He just started working 6 weeks ago and never ever wore a mask until then and never had a pimple. Now it is all over his face but concentrations around his nose and mouth. they all have complained of feeling exhausted when they are wearing them…..What, as a society of people with common sense, can we do to stop this insanity and slow death? I made up my own pamphlets that I hand out every and any where but it.

15,15,17,18,and 21
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