Physical and emotional harm

I have 3 children that are old enough to have to wear masks all day in school, including during both indoor and outdoor physical ed. I will list all issues using numbers for each child.
1. Suffering from rashes and acne due to bacteria and moisture inside the mask. Child will not let me get them an exemption because they would be singled out and the only one. This child is a rule follower and introverted. The damages of minimal social interaction in the past year, have made this child socially awkward, and I do not know how to reverse these damages!
2. Suffered from migraines about once a month before mask wearing was mandated. Once school resumed in September and masks were worn full time, started haven migraines 2-4 times per week. Was having anxiety and depression every morning and not wanting to go to school because they knew the mask affected their health and was causing the regular migraines. Also no longer likes school because they can only play in certain areas of the playground at recess, have to wear masks for physical ed and cannot see or be with friends in other classes due to cohorts (massive social implications are happening due to distancing and cohorts). I tried twice with our pediatrician to get an exemption to no avail. her argument was that the government has told her that migraines, asthma and other “mild health issues” are not sever enough to warrant an exemption. Which was basically her telling me in not so many words, that her hands are tied. I argued that it’s a very sad and infuriating world when a parent is told they don’t know what is detrimental to their childs health and well being and is unable to advocate for their child. Finally got one from a different doctor. And I’m very thankful, because now sports have started up with mandatory masks 100% of the time, but we have a legitimate exemption.
3. My most social child, was asking to be homeschooled so they wouldn’t have to wear a mask all day at school anymore. crying every morning and having rage issues after school. This child only has two friends whose parents have allowed them over, and the damage that lockdowns and mask wearing have had, are reversible because this child is young.
My heart breaks for teenagers and young adults during this time. The cons of masks, lockdowns and social distancing, far outweigh the pros at this point in time! Not to mention the way hospitals have had to deal with everything! Lack of human interaction in the past year has had irreparable damages!

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Winnipeg, Manitoba
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6 months ago

If you can: homeschool. You won’t regret it and your children will flourish with one on one instruction.