Mental and emotional well-being

My grade 5 has complained of having a difficult time breathing while wearing the mask at school.
My grade 2 is mask exempt and has faced bullying, condemnation, and discrimination from students and teachers during school. She has been told repeatedly by a teacher that if one child gets sick all the kids have to get tested, instilling a tremendous amount of fear, anxiety, and misdirected responsibility onto her shoulders. My child begged me to buy masks so she can cover her mouth so everyone would leave her alone.

Aweres Township
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Sean Brooks
10 months ago

Schools districts all over America are abusing children and they are doing so without thought. So, why are you sending them into environments where they are wilfully being abused, and you know it’s happening? Would you send them to a babysitter who you knew was abusing them? I bet you wouldn’t.
Take them out now. Save their lives.