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I had a horrible experience on Monda March 29 at a Chapters. My three year old won’t where a mask and I refuse to make her wear it. I’ve been allowed in the mall with security guards seeing her, allowed in all stores but yesterday b/c of a certain miserable employee,  I was told to put a mask on her which I refused so she called the Chapters police and there I had a blow up about how a three year old can’t come into the store. I said if I proceed are you going to call the police… The mgr said she would assess the situation.
Nice, all b/c of my child.
I emailed the CEO of Chapters and we will go from there and see what happens.
I don’t need to be treated like this.
We both left in tears and I won’t be back with my business.

4 year old – Female

Oshawa, Ontario
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8 months ago

I am so sorry you had to endure that, I had a similar experience like that at Costco this weekend