Physical and emotional hazard of masks

My daughter faces tiredness, moodiness and now tantrums as well as headaches and lower ability to concentrate. TDSB has mandated masks to wear outside and all the attempts to talk to the principal were in vain for now.
The most painful part here was that she’s scared to get an exemption because she is scared to be bullied

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Meredith Young
Meredith Young
9 months ago

Im in the same boat as a teacher. Praying for strength for us all to stand up to this bullying.

Carol Hambarian
Carol Hambarian
8 months ago

Where are the doctors and nurses? “First do no harm” That’s what the physician’s oath begins with. Children are being harmed.

Please share this website with anyone and everyone.

I believe lawyers should get together and write a “mask optional” form for parents to read, sign, and turn in to the school they attend. The form could contain release of liability language. It could also contain a “no bullying children who do not wear masks” stipulation. Let’s stop the harm. I’ve read too much about the long term dangers of wearing masks. We must be the children’s voices.