COPD patient Gets Bullied by Shopper

Having COPD, while shopping, another shopper bullied me while shopping about my having my mask under my chin. He yelled at me in the store creating a humiliating situation for me. As a senior with COPD, I can only wear a mask for a brief amount of time, because I have an above average carbon dioxide level along with COPD. I reported incident to Target Corp. I also wrote a Yelp review which was rejected, and as far as I know, never printed. I think it was necessary to share this experience so no other elderly person (77 years old) would need to go through this abusive treatment. Yelp also needs to print my review so that others could read my experience. The Yelp website states that they welcome patrons’ experiences during this COVID-19 time, and to provide the most up to date information re: those with pre-existing conditions. My freedom of expression was taken from me because my experience was not printed or removed without specific reasons, which is contrary to Yelp’s marketing strategies. I am also vehemently against children wearing any mask at all. As a retired teacher, to have children wearing masks, restricting children’s their oxygen in any way is very dangerous, and according to the medical reports I read, could have long lasting effects on their brains. This mask mandate must end.

K - 12 and the elderly with COPD.
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6 months ago

I recall reading just recently that Yelp is connected with Google. Thank you for sharing how you were censored. I’m sorry you had such a dreadful experience. Someone in law enforcement commented how this situation is empowering people with no training, experience, and so on to be enforcers. It’s very strange to get lectured by part time clerks and kids.