Masking Kindergarten Students

At the beginning of the year the Ontario government said kindergarten students did not need to wear a mask. Many of my students came with masks. One student was made to wear a mask inside and outside and so fearful that one time he vomited in his mask and we had to persuade him to take off the mask so we could help him.
I never encouraged mask wearing but was told by administration that I was supposed to.
In early 2021 administration came down harder. I spoke to my principal about my concerns and was dismissed. She said there were no other concerns but I said people were too scared to say anything.
This has to stop.

Ottawa Ontario
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Dixie Ross
Dixie Ross
6 months ago

I work as a substitute teacher in the Dallas, TX area. There is so much pressure to conform that I have had an Elementary student tell me to position my mask over my nose, to which I took it off, and talked with the class. We were spaced about 10 feet apart, because I was working as a coach in a gym, with less than 20 students. I also got counseled by principals on two different occasions for the same event; I told 2nd grade boys that they should use the boy’s restroom, and girls should use the girl’s restroom. Their teacher came in from her lunch break and was visibly angry and told the principal. They said that it was politically incorrect to say that. I told the principals that my daughter, who is non-verbal, will never be use a restroom where a boy or man can enter at will. DNA doesn’t change. Stand firm! The fight is just warming up, do not back away or run away in fear.

Shawndra Higgins
Shawndra Higgins
6 months ago
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