False Assurance

When our governor passed a law stating masks cannot be mandated at public schools I got so excited. Till I found out that the school districts were not updating the new law on their websites nor were they informing the staff/teachers.

My daughter wanted to go to kindergarten but after I told her she had to wear a mask she said “but mom how will I breathe?” So I decided to homeschool. Now our state passed a law making unlawful to force mask wearing on children…. And I am still questioning it because what if vaccines shed and children will be getting vaccinated next? What if she is bullied? What if the teacher bullies her? Why is the school district not updating their website with this new law? Why am I talking to other moms who work for various school districts as teachers and support staff and they are not being told that this school year by law staff and students cannot be mandated to follow COVID mitigation strategies. 😔

Female – 5 yrs old

Avondale AZ
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