Son has Asthma

My son had pretty mild asthma before the mask mandate, but it is worse now. He also has a skin condition on his face and neck that the mask has made worse.

During the mandate my child only wore the mask rarely as he was schooling from home, but just the little time he wore it while out in public has had a huge effect on his asthma. Before this he used his inhaler once in awhile before being very active, in the last several months I have noticed he constantly has a dry deep cough and has to use his inhaler nearly every day.
I was hoping to get him into the parks program in our community so he can get out an socialize with others, but unfortunately the parks are requiring masks. I reached out to my sons primary care doctor and his allergist to get a medical exemption for the mask so he could go. I did not even talk to the doctor because the PA told me she would not approve it even though he is having problems with his breathing. The Allergist was worse, after talking to him over the phone he told me no other parents were reporting that, and that my child was eligible for the Covid Vaccine and I should get him vaccinated. Well the vaccine still wont change the fact that he will have to wear the mask at the parks and rec program, which is why I called. I explained to him I did want him vaccinated and did not feel the vaccine was safe. He just about yelled at me on the phone about the safety of the vaccine. We disagreed and hung up. I can not understand why both his doctor and his allergist would not give me a medical exemption for a mask when we know the masks do not work and are causing harm to people who are wearing them. They did not even ask to see him to evaluate him.

Apple Valley
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6 months ago

The vaccine is not safe it has killed over 4,000 people. Besides it is against the law to mandate an emergency vaccine that is not FDA aporoved.