Violation of Medical Directive

April 27, 2021 I received an email from Director of Pupil Services in Shamong Twp. She is in charge of my child’s IEP. She was fully aware of oral sensory issues he had long before Covid. After she observed him in a face shield instead of a mask, she began a 2 day nightmare that resulted in my son being removed from all child care programs the YMCA was hosting in both Medford and Shamong. It involved both because he attends Yale School located inside the public Medford schools. Medford has not previously had an issue for him to be in a face shield. He began after care in Shamong 4/26 due to schedule changes within Medford. Therefore leading the director to view him in the shield.

She made statements such as her non-verbal severely disabled children were all wearing masks; so could he. She could simply give him a new one every 15 mins because he spiked them from chewing; not caring what the surgical boxed masks contained in them. All she cared about was full mask compliance.

This resulted in hiring a civil rights attorney and the decision being overturned; but it also came at a great emotional impact to myself after already fighting with all parties about this very topic since summer prior to enter school.

I have since pulled one child out of public school to attend catholic school. I had full conversation with that director who assured me any medical exemptions will be applied for both a mask and vaccine. I also have received the same assurance from director of the private special ed school the other child attends.

However, I am very skeptical given the powers our governor has been awarded.

Shamong, NJ
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