Just doing what he was told

Last year was my sons first day of primary, he was so excited! I couldn’t wait for him to get off the bus and tell me lots of stories! Instead of stories, my son got off the bus beat red, covered in sweat and asked for a drink of water . The bus was over a hour late because of the chaos of the first day , and primary were the first ones put on the bus . My son sat on that unmoving bus for over a hour with a mask on , he didn’t once pull his mask down because he was doing what he was told, being a good boy and listening to the rules.
After school instead of first day excitement, he cried off and on , complaining his head hurt and had some leg cramping , he was miserable. I kept him comfortable as I could and hydrated , and of course there was lots of cuddles.
I called so many people, school board, minister of education, and no one had any clue that masks could be anything but wonderful . It was a very scary and eye opening situation 😔

Male – 5 yrs old

Auburn , Nova Scotia
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