Un Mask our children!

I have 2 children ages 15 and 17. Both have a horrible rash on face, they have become sad not being able to see others faces because of it being covered by a mask that does not help! Self esteem is low and with sports wearing a mask does worse for there breathing, it’s very difficult. My children and I are asking to stop the mandates now!

15 and 17
Kailua, HI
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Carol Hambarian
Carol Hambarian
2 months ago

I am so sorry that your children are suffering. They should be sad. I’m not sure the powers that be understand the far reaching effects on children (or anyone for that matter) OR maybe they are. They’re just not thinking. How are these students able to learn? They’re not.

I try to write to anyone who will read my letters and listen. Also, there are lawsuits being filed about the masks being “optional” but it’s anyone’s’ guess how long it will take to wind itself through the courts.

Take heart, my understanding is that masks are a “medical device” and should not be mandated without consent of the individual or parents in the case of students.
My best to you and your children, .and yes, being sad is absolutely normal, and being able to breathe is a God given right. We cannot give up.