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In September my daughter who was 8 at the time was abiding by the mandate and wearing a mask at school. She was sick in the summer with strep throat. After just a week of masking in classes she got strep throat again. We treated her again with antibiotics she was still masked in school and once again got sick with strep for masking. I served the principle and recorded our entire conversation. Fast forward to this morning, the teacher saw my 5 year old had a Ricola lozenge in her pocket and proceeded to call me to pick her up because they assumes she had a cough and sore throat. based on the lozenge in her pocket. Kinnikinnick Elementary Principle Bernadette Marie Super Intendant Kate Kerr.
The Librarian keeps forcing my children to wear masks there as well. I will be sending out registered mail to the above mentioned as well and especially to the librarian.

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